Storage Price List

Container Monthly Rental
10ft Dry Container 8.5 (GP) $1800 Each
20ft Dry Container 8.5 (GP) $2600 Each
40ft Dry Container 8.5 (GP) $4200 Each
40ft Dry Container 9.5 (HQ) $4400 Each
20ft Reefer Container*+ 8.5 (HQ) $6300 Each
40ft Reefer Container*+ 9.5 (HQ) $10500 Each
20ft Room Temperature Container* 8.5 (HQ) $4300 Each
40ft Room Temperature Container* 9.5 (HQ) $8500 Each

+ Reefer Container only offer -20 to +18 degree.
* Not Including electricity fee. Each container will install a individual electricity meter,electricity fee will be charged according to the meter. Customer have to payadditional electricty deposit.

Other Charges
Forklift Truck (Operator included) Get quote
Hand Pallet Truck Free of Charge
Padlock $100 Each

Important Notice

  1. Two months deposits with One month rental in advance are required to pay for each container. If rental period is not a complete month, rent will be charged on monthly rate. Deposit will be returned to client when tenancy is terminated.
  2. For personal registration, latest 2-months proof of current address in Hong Kong such as utility bills or bank statement. If permanent address and current address are not the same, please provide proof of permanent address.
  3. Tenant need to buy their own insurance for the goods.
  4. Ocean First Container Storage Ltd reserves the right to change the contents without prior notice.
  5. All businesses accepted by our company are strictly subject to and governed by the Standard Terms and Conditions of Ocean First Container Storage Ltd, a copy of which is available upon request or at